Celestial Fine Art Photos

Celestial Fine Art Photos


Celestial Photography by Gary P Caton

All Images on this site copyright © 2010-15 Gary P Caton -all rights reserved ®

Alpenglow on Mount Shasta at Sunset 7-4-2014 © Gary P Caton ®


Sedona Moonrise © 2010 Gary P Caton ®


Sunset on the Blue Ridge Parkway © 2014 Gary P Caton ®


I offer these photographs of the spectacular movements of the 7 visible planets for your viewing, in sacred service, to encourage re-connection with the most ancient observational traditions of astrology.


All images on this site copyright © 2010-2015 Gary P Caton -all rights reserved ® -all uses beyond viewing expressly forbidden

Images MAY NOT be downloaded, altered, copied, reproduced, transferred, forwarded or distributed without express written permission of the author


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